The Amazing Journey of Katy Cupsworth

The Amazing Journey of Katy Cupsworth


The Performance Warrior is a simple, yet effective way to enhance a child's development so each child can make a positive impact in the world. Every child deserves the opportunity to be a success...are you going to provide this opportunity?



The Amazing Journey of Katy Cupsworth, The Performance Warrior: Finding the Six Secrets of the Footballing Mindset
In this story, Katy Cupsworth, aka The Performance Warrior, takes us on a journey in which she longs to become a professional women's footballer. Katy possesses plenty of natural ability, including a ferocious left foot that can deliver a 'Screamer' of a shot. She undoubtedly has the potential to make it to the Women's Premier Football League (WPFL). Her aspirations stretch further as she wants to be a star player and even win the World Cup for England!

Katy is also introduced to the magical powers of Fred, whilst trying not to let Doubting Debbie into her head! Through her highs and lows, successes and stresses, Katy discovers that her footballing ability will only take her so far; she must get her attitude right if she is to overcome barriers that are preventing her from achieving her dream.

Every child has a window of opportunity to develop their potential and be their best.

Includes: measurement tools, activity charts, interactive choices and consequences sections, video and audio support.


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Join CUPPA and Katy on their journey in this collection of books, written to grow the mindsets of young children and promote positivity, self esteem, confidence, resilience and empathy.
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