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Join CUPPA and Katy on their journey in this collection of books, written to grow the mindsets of young children and promote positivity, self esteem, confidence, resilience and empathy.
Excellent for both at school and at home, each book includes the story, fun activities, and links to interactive audio and video online support resources with downloadable activity charts and certificates.


CUPPA (Chris Cupsworth)

CUPPA tells the story of a young boy who goes on a journey around the world to find the five secrets of a confident mindset. He meets many interesting characters such as explorer Mixed Grylls, singers Rita ‘Kia’ Ora and Deadwood, and story teller Tel Fibson.
On his worldwide journey he encounters the five secrets to the Confident Mindset ie Challenge, Uniqueness, Positivity, Perception and Action. It’s a simple to follow storyline which quickly engages the reader and provides a measurement tool so the reader can compare progress before and after completing the journey. There is also an audio book so you don’t actually have to read it….plus several videos that show you how to improve their performance in school and life, along with videos from around the world that give great role model stories. Plus stickers for completing each learning mission. And a certificate of completion at the end of the journey. Ideal for ages 8-12.

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Katy Cupsworth

Katy Cupsworth is a book about a would-be girl footballer who is on a mission to become a pro footballer. On her journey she learns about SCREAM ie Self-esteem, Confidence, Resilience, Empathy, Attitude and Mindful mental health. She meets various characters including explorer Randy Finds, singing tennis player Serenada Williams and the wise monk Buddha Holly.
There are several one minute performance videos to illustrate how to get yourself in the ‘zone to perform’ along with a measurement tool to track progress before and after reading! This book has a real focus on developing the emotional and mental health aspects of children.
Plus stickers for completing each learning mission. And a certificate of completion at the end of the journey. Ideal for ages 8-12.
Nominated for Peoples Book Award


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Enjoy Cuppa’s five missions all in one book and discover the secrets to unlocking a positive and confident mindset.

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Katy Cupsworth


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The Amazing Journey of Katy Cupsworth

The Ultimate Guide To Self-Discovery, Positive Mental Health & Improved Performance. Aimed at children ages 8-11 who want to take more control of their lives in school, in sport, and in life in general. Why not join Katy as she embarks on an amazing journey to find the six secrets of the footballing mindset. Meet key characters such as Sir Gerry Mendit, Buddha Holly and Randy Finds who teach Katy important lessons about football, and about life. 
There are also a number of interactive videos which feature various performance and mental health strategies, along with ways to consolidate learning at various points on the journey.


  • Ross is a leader in the field of mindsets.
    Katy Cupsworth is a must read for children aged 8-11…..and their parents.

    David Fann

    Associate Headteacher, Former Secretary National Association of Headteachers.

  • Over the years, I have been increasingly aware of the impact Ross has made in the learning and development of children and young adults. His latest book is an engaging story that also gives crucial strategies, toolkits and simple tips to enable children, parents and coaches to achieve both ‘mind fitness’ in football, and in life.

    Mark Lawrenson

    BBC Sports Analyst, former Liverpool FC and Republic of Ireland Football Player

  • As a child with a heavy involvement in drama, I found the CUPPA books really useful – especially as I loved challenging my dad! I have even put some tips into practice and really enjoyed making Cara The Completer!

    Cara Severns-Jones (Age 13)

    Moreland Independent School, Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK.

  • Wow - a book with a difference. I really enjoyed doing all the activities

    Ali Khan

    Age 12

  • The Amazing Journey of CUPPA, is like a torch in a tunnel that may feel endless, but life has tunnels and we must get through them because that very life is too valuable.

    Alvin Law

    Global Motivational Speaker

  • I thought the book overall was very good and extremely well written, the characters were all very well described which helped you understand the situations they were all in and how it made them feel.

    Genevieve Harkness (Age 11)

    Ridgewood School, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK

  • At first, I thought why am I reading a book fit for a child, but as I continued, I understood. I found that the life lessons in Katy’s journey were very relevant to me and so many other people that I know, including my two children. Brilliant piece of work with amazing strategies and tips for both children and adults who want to know more about improving performance and mental health in life.

    Sandy Tomlinson

    School Business Management & Finance Consultant – Southend On Sea

  • We just love Katy. It hits all the right emotional learning objectives, and is especially relevant with the virus pandemic being so prevalent. It is the perfect book for schools to use that will enable children to flourish in challenging times.

    Julie Cole

    Primary Headteacher – Preston

  • Self-esteem is a double-edged sword, and the research literature suggests we’re wise to handle the concept with care: perhaps counterintuitively, high levels of “self-esteem” can be associated with deeply undesirable outcomes, relating to a false sense of immunity from consequences. But when a deep sense of self-worth is associated with a love of learning, resilience in the face of failure and a seeking out of challenges, we see happier results in individuals’ personal lives and educational achievements. The underlying message in many of the CUPPA stories speaks to the latter understanding, and blessedly so!

    Barry J Hymer

    Professor of Psychology in Education, University of Cumbria in Lancaster.

  • My favourite characters in the CUPPA stories were the McTwins as they were a bit naughty and cheeky! I really liked making the choices in each of the missions because it made me think about the consequences before I decided.

    Caleb Briggs

    Age 10

  • CUPPA looks funny and exciting and my favourite is Mrs Competition as she is very funny and pretty. I marked CUPPA 5 out of 5 as I have good confidence but it helped me to learn more.

    Jazz Hunt

    Age 12

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Join CUPPA and Katy on their journey in this collection of books, written to grow the mindsets of young children and promote positivity, self esteem, confidence, resilience and empathy.
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