Mission 2: Uniqueness

Mission 2: Uniqueness


In this book, Chris travels to Moscow where he meets Ursula Uniqueness, evil Alex Mackski and Marcey Muscles. In Moscow, Chris learns that self-esteem helps him overcome the effects of bullying and that difference is something to be proud of, not ashamed of: we are all unique, different and special. Are you ready for an adventure that could change your life forever?

The Cuppa Missions ‘Mission Statement: To teach children the confident mindset -- self-belief, self-esteem, persistence, positivity, empathy and emotional resilience.

Each mission is packed with amazing characters, fun tests, activities and challenging adventures!



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Join CUPPA and Katy on their journey in this collection of books, written to grow the mindsets of young children and promote positivity, self esteem, confidence, resilience and empathy.
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