Ross celebrates new book launch at local primary school

Ross celebrates new book launch at local primary school

Ross McWilliam

Ross has recently launched his latest book ‘The Amazing Adventures of the Fabulous Alex, Roxy and Tiger’ which is aimed at teachers, parents and children and focuses on helping to support children on their learning journey.

To celebrate, Ross visited Queens Drive Primary school, based in Fulwood, Lancashire to provide an interactive assembly to year four, five and six pupils, teachers and parents. Ross engaged with the audience with a reading from the book, a free prize draw and a fun discussion about positive mindset and resilience with tips for promoting communication skills, inner confidence and self-image.

Mark Noblet, Senior Leader at Queen’s Dive School said “Yet again, Ross has produced a book that will have great appeal to many children and combined this with engaging lessons about vital life skills. The three books are now the perfect trilogy for parents and children to enjoy together whilst providing messages that will last a lifetime.”

Riley Butler (age 10) said "I can't wait to read the book. When I grow up I want to be an architect or a rugby player and I think resilience and confidence will really help me."

The story follows Alex, Tiger and Roxy on their quest to help others find their potential in life, stop ecological disasters, end prejudices and injustices, and if they have time, save the world from a potential disaster!

The book also contains six one-minute videos which are accessed by a QR code in the book and shows readers how to develop themselves. Each video provides the key skills needed to find success, along with a measurement tool that will help children and adults identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Above all, The Amazing Journey of the Fabulous Alex, Roxy and Tiger is a fun read and feel-good book, that takes you into an often-hidden world where different ways of communicating are explored.


Join CUPPA and Katy on their journey in this collection of books, written to grow the mindsets of young children and promote positivity, self esteem, confidence, resilience and empathy.
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