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My name is Ross McWilliam, and I've spent 55 months writing my CUPPA Series which will help young children reach their potential in life. These books enable children, teachers, and parents to work together so that each child can uncover their confidence.


Audio Animated version available 1st September 2017

Join your child on a great, fun, and engaging journey to learn the Five Secrets of the Confident Mindset!

Written by a leading children's motivational speaker and educationalist, these books will have positive effects for you and your child as you travel together on the CUPPA journey:

  • Development of self-esteem, confidence and resilience.
  • Development of personal social health education (PSHE) issues.
  • Improved studying and literacy skills.
  • Interactive joint child and parent learning and playing.
  • Simple ways to measure and show your child’s progress.
  • Opportunities to learn and play with peers.
  • Support your child to reach their potential and find their talents.

Invest just five hours to see results!

Fun adventures with: Mrs Competition and Charlie Challenge (the value of challenge), Mr Individual and Ursula Uniqueness (the value of self), Miss Brightside and Pete Positivity (the value of optimism), Mr Many Views and Paula Perception (the value of seeing different views), Mr Just Do It and Ali Action (the value of action and seeing progress).


Self-esteem is a double-edged sword, and the research literature suggests we’re wise to handle the concept with care: perhaps counterintuitively, high levels of “self-esteem” can be associated with deeply undesirable outcomes, relating to a false sense of immunity from consequences. But when a deep sense of self-worth is associated with a love of learning, resilience in the face of failure and a seeking out of challenges, we see happier results in individuals’ personal lives and educational achievements. The underlying message in many of the CUPPA stories speaks to the latter understanding, and blessedly so!

Barry J Hymer, Professor of Psychology in Education, University of Cumbria in Lancaster.

There is an African proverb which says ‘When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you’. Self-confidence and self-esteem are crucial if children are to achieve their full potential. Children learn from a very early age to feel inadequate and have negative beliefs about their abilities and appearance. Parents and educators in all sectors have a responsibility to ensure that as much attention is given to this so-called ‘soft’ aspect of their development as that given to other seemingly more important areas such as academic subjects. If we are to build resilient young people capable of taking their rightful place in a rapidly changing and demanding world, their emotional well-being is very much dependant on the fostering of self-esteem. Ross McWilliam has identified that transition stages in the life of a young person are ones in which particular attention needs to be paid to nurturing a sense of positivity, and has created a very valuable and immensely informative set of resources to address the transition period between primary and secondary school. Adults and children alike will be both challenged and educated, through the interactive and measurable medium of ‘The Amazing Journey of CUPPA’. What an amazing body of work this is!

Gail Johnson OBE Early Years Specialist

As a child with a heavy involvement in drama, I found the CUPPA books really useful – especially as I loved challenging my dad! I have even put some tips into practice and really enjoyed making Cara The Completer!

Cara Severns-Jones Age 13, Moreland Independent School, Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK

The Amazing Journey of CUPPA, is like a torch in a tunnel that may feel endless, but life has tunnels and we must get through them because that very life is too valuable.

Alvin Law, Global Motivational Speaker

I thought the book overall was very good and extremely well written, the characters were all very well described which helped you understand the situations they were all in and how it made them feel.

Genevieve Harkness Age 11, Ridgewood School, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK


Ross McWilliam BA (Hons) MSc, PGCE, LCSP, CMI Level 7

Ross has worked in over 500 schools in both permanent and temporary roles. He has worked at all levels of academic delivery – i.e. primary, secondary, special, college and university – and across three countries.

Ross works with small groups on specific interventions, based around self-esteem and starter confidence, linked to simple interview and communication skills. He also delivers, to larger groups of over 500, a combination of keynote speaking and active learning about being “The Best Version of You!”

As a former teacher of Physical Education, Computing, Emotional Behavioural Difficulties and Special Educational Needs (as well as working in a host of other non-educational positions, including Community and Commercial Manager at Preston North End FC), he has a passion for the development of the self and believes all young people need a platform of self-esteem, confidence, emotional resilience and soft communication skills on which to build future achievements, be they academic or otherwise. This passion is borne out by his own personal, physical and emotional health challenges which have given him a clear insight to the development of confidence and resilience. Now he engages each week with the education sector as a freelance educator.

He is a firm believer that everyone can reach their potential in life by finding their talents. When you find one talent, you generally find another nearby – it’s just a case of working hard and smart. This is where the book comes in, along with the support of parents, teachers and all those genuinely interested in developing children to reach their full potential.


Ross McWilliam

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