Cuppa Journey – Children’s Book


Chris Cupsworth lives in his own world which is sometimes real and sometimes fantasy. Chris is concerned with his physical appearance and has had problems with bullies at school. He is facing his exams and is nervous about the future. On the night before his big exams he has a ‘visitor’ who offers him choices that could help him to overcome all his fears. But for this to be successful, Chris must also make some crucial decisions!

Chris embarks on an amazing journey around the world as he begins to understand each of the five secrets of ‘The Confident Mindset’. He meets some interesting new friends and teachers, but faces some difficult dilemmas along the way. You have the chance to join Chris on his journey and make some challenging decisions. You will be required to complete the five Missions successfully and will be scored on YOUR journey! Are you ready for an adventure that could change your life forever?


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